Sleep Deprived

by unsettled

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This EP was recorded live, mixed, and mastered by Jay Matheson at The Jam Room Recording Studio in Columbia, SC. We would like to thank all of our parents for being supportive, and we would like to thank our friends: Sean McDaniel, Dylan Senterfeit, Gwen and Dylan Kittrell, Andrew Bullock, and Dallas Brazell. We would also like to thank some of our favorite bands and artists that we've worked with: Discomfort, Nepotism, Oneforall, Lesser Men, Mourning, MyBrother MySister, and Jonah Canepa.

Jake Armstrong - Vocals
Keagan McChesney - Guitar/Vocals
Martin Hacker-Mullen - Guitar/Drums
Ethan McChesney - Bass
Marcus Wickham - Drums


released November 13, 2015



all rights reserved


unsettled Winnsboro, South Carolina

just some dudes who wanna make good music.

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Track Name: Yo Ho Ho (and a Bottle of Redrum)
My teeth are falling out of my rotting gums
I can hardly sleep at night and i haven't rest in days
my eyes feel like they could fall out

I'm just wasting days
With you on my mind
Thoughts hazy from these sleepless nights
Once we were so close
Like our very DNA had been melded together
But you ripped us apart
Leaving me broken
Track Name: I Almost Joined the Divorced Parents Club
I don't understand what's going on anymore this
house used to be a happy place

I'm just waiting to come and you're not there

I don't want to be the glue that holds your family together
when I was young you told me "I do means for ever"
what happened to forever
this house used to be a happy place
and I don't understand whats going on anymore
Track Name: Loud Makes Me Loud
Today I discovered
Shock has a way of making all emotions fuzzy
A dull ache fills my body
Things will never be the same again.

In the days/months/weeks following
I filled the hole in my chest
With cigarette smoke
Chain smoking until my lungs would finally explode
All I got for my troubles was a headache
And the pain of knowing you were never coming back

How do you even begin to cope
With the loss of someone you've known from birth
Does the pain
Does the pain
Does the pain go away
Or does numbness just take it's place

19 years of memories
It's all I have left of you.
Track Name: I Told You We Needed Synth In It!
Kissing you was the moment I first felt alive
And the gateway to my depressed years
You left and I was so alone
My chance at happiness now halfway around the world

Heartache at best

Now you're back
But I've changed
This heart no longer beats for you
It just breaks

I wish you were mine

you're gone
Track Name: Surfbort
I am nothing
But an emotional train wreck
I can't get over the fact you will never feel the way I feel for you
You have never loved me
Thoughts of you make me so fucking upset
Constantly searching for someone or something to drive you from my head
I'm just a useless boy who can't let go
Even when it's killing him

Would my death make you miss me
If I dove off the bridge over 20
Would you finally love me?

I could never do that.
I have so much left to live for
Track Name: Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle K
You are the one
That rips out my heart
And stomps it
Over and over again

Stop acting like you care and show me your true skin
Your skin, your skin
I cannot shake
The smell of it

I shouldn't be
So nostalgic for
Something that never existed
But I just want you to know
I see you every night
Your face hides behind my eyelids
The last words you said to me
Live in the back of my mind

Is it possible
To stay awake for days
So I'll never see your face
And wake up with your name
On my lips
Your voice is ringing in my ears
Like the loudest of bells

Stop acting like you care and show me your true skin
Your skin, your skin, your skin
I cannot shake
The smell of it

I hope you're sleeping well tonight
Because I'm
Sleep deprived
Until I die.